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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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January 2021 Ring Report

There was not a meeting (or our normal holiday banquet) in December, but we kicked off 2021 with a new energizing format—the entire year will be dedicated to the letter "M"—it was a huge success as we were sharing magic for almost three hours between our twelve members and three special guests: David Sandy, Dan Garrett, and Lance Rich.

The theme for the night was "Moving Magic" and our talking-point topic was "The First Trick You Bought." David Sandy, former Intl. I.B.M. President 2003-04 and the president of Ring 129 the past two years gave us a little information about how he got Gary Oullet to give the I.B.M. a plug in 1997 during the World's Greatest Magic television shows, and he then talked about the collection he is amassing with over 200 illusions. He then performed an Owen collectible Magic Clock that moved from one room to another, and he showed the inner workings of this great piece. Dan Garrett who is a past National President of the SAM and longtime friend of Ring 58 told the story that he gave to Celeste Evans for her book, "Has This Ever Happened to You?," about the time his Torch to Cane was a flying fiery missile in a client's living room! And I.B.M. Executive Committee member, Lance Rich, showed a couple of videos of David and him loading the car, spending time with Andre Kole, and also one where David was on the phone with Bev Bergeron as they were getting the "Rebo Box" from the Mark Wilson collection. What an awesome start!!

This sparked David to share the Andre Kole story and how Andre impressed David's mother, then Dan told the story about Duke Stern going over backwards in a chair. Ray Adams did a two-coin Coins Across and talked about his first Bite-Off Coin from Brent Braun's shop in southern Indiana. Michael Priestap did a folding dollar that changed a couple times ultimately into a silver dollar, then he showed his "pig in a blanket" at his house! Michael Messing reminisced about learning the French Drop at the age of 12, and that his first trick came from Louis Tannen's shop in New York: a Triple Color Changing Cane.


Jack Wilson remembered his first trick was a Mattel Magic Set...that has long since disappeared. Tom Vorjohan was "moved" and showed a stool sample (made by Chalet Magic's George Kimery) and did his most recent favorite penetration effect: T-1000. He talked about his first trick kit, and how he did a show for the neighbors in his garage...for a penny each. Victor Agreda showed the Tenyo "Invisible Zone" where the pen vanished, and he talked about his first kit had a plastic top hat and about 75 tricks from his grandparents. Tim Pressley said that his first trick was the Ball Vase...that was actually his brother's. Then he talked about his father showing him a Nickels to Dimes that he got in Myrtle Beach.

Bill Osburn showed his first trick: a Magic Mummy that he got from Abbott's in Colon, Michigan. Mike Stratman showed his first trick that was over 70-years old: Spooky Spots that he had gotten from Marco's Magic Show in Decator, Illinois at the age of ten. Evan Bishop had an older brother who got into magic first, but he remembered getting a Glorpy hank and Bobo's Modern Coin Magic book from Artie Kidwell's shop in Cincinnati when he was ten. He also showed a beautiful coin vanish he has learned from Scott Robinson's recent book.

Ed Ripley remembered the 1973 Bill Bixby show "The Magician" when he was nine, and his grandmother took him to Bob Hutchin's Magic Shack for his 10th birthday with a hundred dollar bill...that he got Linking Rings, Mendoza Cups and Balls and Bobo's book. Lance Rich recalled getting the "Houdini Hat Full of Magic" at the age of 6 or 7, and that he repeatedly checked out the same two books from his local library. We continued to talk and share magic until we finally brought the meeting to an end.


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Tim Pressley
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