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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Nov. 2017 Ring Report

This was easily one of our best meetings ever! Maybe we liked convening a week earlier to avoid Thanksgiving, but something made this one sharing and fun- filled meeting! We had eleven members, one family member, and one guest. Many members enjoyed the Unconventional Convention by Ring 198 up in Cumberland Falls, Kentucky a couple weeks prior; Bill Osburn gave some great feedback on the Daytona Convention happening that same weekend.

We had over two hours of performances and sharing (another 100% participation night!) that started with our Show & Tell segment. John Hopper presented our 2018 Winter Carnival give-a-way: a 60" golf umbrella! We were all very impressed. Bill Osburn performed a new Traffic Light trick that he got in Daytona from Joseph Young and showed the thought that went into the case and routine of this sponge ball effect. Tom Vorjohan had recently read the latest Eugene Burger book, Teaching Magic, and he took about ten minutes to hit the highlights and discuss the gems covered in Part One of this book.

The theme for our performances this evening was "Tied Up in Knots." Michael Priestap did a comical "invisible rope" routine that had us groaning and laughing. He also did his Professor's Nightmare routine with three ropes and a great ending. Tom Vorjohan presented his little Jewish grandmother, Bubbe, in an interactive dialogue with this talking doll, and then he did his favorite rope trick: Dean's Box. Jack Wilson did two excellent phases of Aldo Columbini's vast talents with a ring and a rope. Michael Messing did his well-honed Cut and Restored Rope with three knots vanishing at the end.


John Hopper had a great presentation to go along with the five colored circles of rope that joined and then became one large loop (Going 'Round in Circles). Bill Osburn had a trained flea walking on a red rope, and Bev Coffey had a white string in a red straw that got cut completely in two and the string was restored. Mike Stratman dug way down deep in his collection of magic to present the story of the Chords of Fantasia (silks penetrating through two ropes). Oddly, Kyle Copeland had to follow that with similar modus operandi for his ropes through body; he also showed and taught how to tie a one-hand knot.

We were delighted to have Steve Jerden threading the loop, and this spawned some great discussion. As we moved into our Works in Progress section of the meeting, our newest transfer member, Ray Adams, did a stunning version of Gypsy Thread using a "UV Beast" to make it really pop. Tom Vorjohan then completed the performances recalling our friend, Bob Escher, who had taught him a card effect with a card appearing in his wallet...or "Off By One." Tom shared the workings with the club. The meeting was far from over as members lingered and sessioned with various folks for another 45 minutes.


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