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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Sept. 2018 Ring Report

We had to move the September meeting up a week (because three of our members are heading to the Atlanta Harvest), but this was another stellar meeting with 100% participation for the fifth consecutive month! The Winter Carnival lineup is looking awesome: Nick Lewin, Stuart MacDonald, Glenn Strange, John "Handsome Jack" Lovick, Jason Hudy, Michael Finney, Martinez, Losander, Jonathan Neal, Ice McDonald, Jay Mattioli, Erik Tait, and a few more still coming! Our 45th WCM will be March 7–9, 2019 and promises to be incredible.

Switching things up, we opened with Show & Tell with Bill Sturgis showing a smartly made wooden holder for jumbo cards. Bill Osburn walked us through the contents of a new book "Prestige Pen Projects" by Shawn Evans and showed a booklet he acquired on Stuart James' Spirit Cabinet. Bill hopes to continue making it back for the meetings even though he is starting a new job at BAE Systems in Kingsport on Monday. We welcomed Ed Ripley back to Knoxville with a hearty round of applause and he showed a patch and coin from his assignment in the desert, and he passed around a miraculous 3–D printed sloth. Tom Vorjohan sadly reported the closing of all the Brookstone stores in the malls and opened a magical puzzle box from Mori Luggage. He also showed his new mini Bose speaker and the work he has put into Pipe Dream.

Barry Mitchell showed a small glowing moon that he is working out a new "look–don't–see" routine for next year's library shows. Danny Whitson presented and had a great discussion going pertaining to ideas and presentation methods with a specially made "52 in 1 Deck" that enables a Koran Deck presentation but can be shown to be all different cards. As we moved into our flourish theme for the night, Jack Wilson did four one–handed cuts to produce the four aces, then used these aces as the leaders of piles with the aces recombining on top of the deck. Michael Messing admitted to spending a lot of time early in his magical career learning flourishes, and he showed a variety of cuts, one–handed riffle shuffles, and springing cards from hand to hand. He also impressed us with one–handed fans and color changing card techniques. Barry Mitchell then showed his pop–out move.


Bill Osburn impressed us (and himself) with the flip of a card that somersaulted back into the deck. Danny Whitson showed how he uses the Cybil Cut of Chris Kenner's to find a selected card (he also has a heck of a Pass!). Tim Pressley did an effect where a card spun out of the deck. But we were more impressed with the Stretch–Armstrong type of banana that he brought and showed us! John Hopper taught how to tear and restore a strip of paper that he has used for both churches and at birthday parties. Mike Stratman shared another multiple–out effect that could be made up with random pictures to fit just about any theme. As we started to wrap up, Ed Ripley shared a move that is for flipping over a double (but he uses with three cards), then Barry Mitchell shared his version of the Cornelius Flip. Tom Vorjohan did an effect from Boris Wild that he just learned where four indifferent cards turned into four aces, then he shared the Federal Regulations about card tricks to find the chosen card, and he finished with his version using two spectators for Farquhar's Omni Deck. We shared nearly two hours of magic among the eleven of us in a fun–tastic meeting!


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