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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Tom Vorjohan
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March 2018 Ring Report

With eleven members and one family guest, we started the March meeting with lots of smiles as we reminisced about our very successful 44th annual Winter Carnival of Magic earlier in the month. We surpassed 400 attendees and guests at the convention and we have received great input that will help to make the one in 2019 even better.

We had the nominations of officers as follows: John Hopper, President; Michael Priestap, Vice-President; Tom Vorjohan, Secretary; Jack Wilson or Mike Stratman, Treasurer; Bill Sturgis or Eric Smerden, Sgt-at-Arms; Michael Priestap, Program Chairman; Jason Rieger, Harold Whipps, Michael Messing, Jack Wilson, Bev Coffey, and Kyle Copeland for the Board of Directors.

Starting our "Magic from the Winter Carnival" for the night was Harold Whipps who used "Psychokinesis" from Chris Smith to start a pad of matches on fire and singe the selected card in the deck. Bill Osburn showed a large Three Card Monte that he got from Bruce Amato including the slipcases. Our favorite performance was once again by Samantha Rieger who did a Ball Vase that she got from Joe at Haines' House of Cards. Tom Vorjohan showed off some colored Linking Ropes that he got from David Ginn. Jason Rieger got some X-ray Cards from SEO Magic and we had a great time looking at the possibilities with this effect. John Hopper then took a strip of paper that said "WCM 2018" and tore it into pieces and restored it as "WCM 2019" which will be our 45th anniversary, and it is set for March 7- 9.


We moved into Show & Tell with John Hopper showing the block of wood that Rudy Coby gave to Jennifer with the nail he used to hammer up his nose! Jack Wilson showed Andi Gladwin's book "52 Memories" that Andi signed during the convention. Jack talked about the story behind this book of effects by Jack Parker. Tom Vorjohan showed some lock picks he recently purchased after not finding any at the convention. For the "Move of the Month" we discussed members false cuts. Tom Vorjohan and Jason Rieger sort of led the discussion showing a variety of cuts. Bev Coffey defined the concept of our Work in Progress segment as he attempted a card revelation. Bill Osburn showed a couple booklets he got from Haines' House of Cards and how he would like to structure a routine around one of them. And Bill finished our sharing of magic by teaching his method of palming a card. We certainly had lots of magic!


Program Chairman
WCM Chairman
Webmaster Jason Rieger

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