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Proud host of The Winter Carnival of Magic

Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
For additional information, please contact:
Tom Vorjohan
Phone: (865) 254-9254
Email: tomvorjohan@gmail.com

April 2020 Ring Report

Around the world we find ourselves in unchartered water; as we finished the Winter Carnival of Magic on March 14, we learned the terms "social distancing" and "shelter in place" both of which were an end to our upcoming meetings. In early April, twelve members and a couple friends of the Ring hopped on our first "Zoom" meeting to share a few tricks and basically enjoy a couple hours of fellowship with our magic friends one Sunday evening.

Our actual April Ring meeting took place on our normal fourth Thursday night, with eleven members attending. The format actually works very well for this size group, and we had a great time seeing and discussing the home studio that Tim Pressley is setting up, hearing about the disappointment for Ed Ripley who learned FISM North America had been cancelled, and hearing about the passing of Norm Nielsen.

We were a bit behind because of the Covid-19, but our nominated slate of officers are as follows: John Hopper, President; Michael Priestap, Vice- President; Tom Vorjohan, Secretary; Jack Wilson, Treasurer; Bill Sturgis, Sgt- at-Arms; Tim Pressley, Program Chairman; and the four-member Board of Directors would be Mike Stratman, Michael Messing, Ed Ripley, and Steve Jerden.


Now we got to do some magic! Ed Ripley showed a hat that he got from a member of the "Highly Enriched Uranium Team" and talked about the Henry Evans closer effect that he is working on. John Hopper showed a hysterical face mask with a smiley face on it that he and Jennifer wear. Bill Osburn talked about a couple things he is working on from his purchases from the Winter Carnival, and Jack Wilson has begun reading the newest David Regal book and highly recommended it.

Tim Pressley is starting a Ring 58 Facebook group for us, and he showed off his ten-by-ten office that included a great story about the New York Sub Trunk that was in it (for sale!). Michael Priestap has been working hard at the hospital through all of this, but he did a 1000-piece puzzle of a ski pass and showed how he's been doing organizing his magic room (in preparation for moving!) Evan Bishop shared some work he's been doing with Mnemonica and the book, "Memory Arts." Tom Vorjohan gave a quick look at his shelving and magic room and talked about a few of his latest books he's added to the collection. Slowly, one-by- one, guys started leaving the meeting, with the last half-dozen of us hanging on a total of 3.5 hours!


Program Chairman
Tim Pressley
WCM Chairman
Mystic Minutes Editor Michael Messing
Webmaster Jack Wilson

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