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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Jan. 2018 Ring Report

We rang in the New Year in style with fourteen members, two friends and two guests who are potential members. The business was brief as we discussed the Winter Carnival of Magic and how Ring members will help set up, tear down, be personal assistants to the performers, and help backstage. The WCM is looking great, and our sincere appreciation to Michael Messing for laying out an awesome flyer that was stuffed and stamped tonight to about 300 invited guests.

After stuffing, we got down to magic...and the theme for the night was appropriately "Envelope Magic." Bill Osburn did "ESPectation" with five ESP symbols and one prediction that matched the chosen one (he even tipped the clever method to us). Mike Stratman had three envelopes and the chosen one got the spectator applause...the other two would have gotten him money! Our president, John Hopper, did an effect with three different colored envelopes; the first one chosen had a deck of cards, and the other two had predictions. The predictions of course matched the cards chosen from the deck—this was our most creative application of the theme for the night.


Michael Priestap had an envelope with a prediction from eight days prior, and it matched the top card from a well shuffled-by a spectator-deck. Kyle Copeland showed us some origami that made into an empty envelope, then later there was a slip of paper with the correct chosen card written on it in that envelope (okay, maybe that was most creative!). Kyle also did some funny by-play with a 52-on-1 card. We were excited to have Bev Coffey with us and performing (Bev was seriously hurt when his car was T-boned back before Christmas), and he showed a mathematical addition trick where a random six-digit number composed by the audience was the sum of other random numbers.

Jack Wilson had researched Tarbell's 71 different "envelope" magic effects, and he performed just one where two cards in two different signed envelopes switched places (good choice, Jack!). For our Open Mic portion of the meeting, Samantha Rieger did a little story telling about some sheep and robbers using buttons. We love watching her perform...and she is just seven! For Show-and-Tell, Eric Smerden showed the group how he keeps his "wooly nylon thread" in an Altoids tin and makes a strand of invisible thread. He also showed his no-wax body hook up, and made it all look very easy. As we moved to the end of the evening, during our Teach-a-Trick segment, Tom Vorjohan gave a mini-lecture on the full-deck card magic of Nick Trost. Tom did six of his personal favorites, and he handed out FREE notes for his favorite eighteen by Mr. Trost. It was a fun evening and we hope we will see our first-time guest Christine Maentz join next month, and our former member Tim Pressley come back to the club.


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