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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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September Ring Report

It was the first day of Fall, but it still felt like summer to the 14 members and 5 family guests that attended in September. A dozen of us had met earlier in the month at Jack & Molly Wilson's home to view the episode of Penn & Teller's Fool Us with our own Ben Young! It was surreal to see him on the show, and he did an admirable job even though the duo were not fooled.

The theme for the evening was to do our "favorite tricks" -- our go-to piece when asked to perform. Michael Priestap started with the "Sound of Music" soundtrack our "Our Favorite Things" and did a card effect where all black aces turned all red and back again. He followed this with some magical bubbles and another ace effect all to music. Our president, Michael Messing did one of his pet effects that he refers to as Two Gold, One Silver. Bev Coffey had a signed borrowed bill appear in the audience in a Bill Tube. Bill Sturgis had a card thought of that soon vanished from a locked deck.

Phil Houghton recalled that the first magician that he saw was Harry Blackstone, Sr., and then he went into a very smooth version of the Professor's Nightmare with a couple twists and surprises for a room full of magicians. Ed Ripley allowed us to use the new "Travel Table" that he has designed, and he then showed a creative shoe carrier for his balloons and his use of the Fortune Fish with a beagle (kinda had to be there...sorry). Harold Whipps did a fun transposition and surprise transformation with a penny and a silver dollar. Tom Vorjohan did his favorite 3-1/2 of Clubs routine and his version of Dan Fleshman's Ring & String.


As we moved into the Works-in-Progress, David Case showed a very creative case that he has decorated to truly look magical, he gave away some DVDs he had accumulated and wanted to share, then he did a double-prediction effect with a deck of cards and a set of dominoes. For Show & Tell, Michael Messing brought Silly Billy's new book which includes a Michael Messing photo on the cover! Jack Wilson showed the math behind an effect that Bill Osburn did at the Fool Us party, and Tom Vorjohan followed with a couple mathematical oddities that work with a deck of cards thanks to Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic books.

As we wrapped up the evening, Mike Stratman shared the first half of a blog by Paul Gertner and the incredible professionalism and dedication he had to present on the Fool Us show. Finally, John Hopper did a silk effect with a white dog and black dog that turned into a black and white Dalmatian, Our first ad for the 2017 Winter Carnival is already submitted and will be in the Linking Ring in December! Our 43rd annual convention looks like another awesome get-together.


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