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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

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Oct. 2019 Ring Report

We had powerhouse attendance at the October meeting for the Bill Wisch lecture. In fact, two of our past members returned — Victor Agreda Jr and Chris Koopman — and rejoined the Ring! In addition, Terry Evanswood and Mike Phillips made the trek from Pigeon Forge to join us bringing our total to 22 people attending the lecture.

Bill's experience of more than 40 years in magic along with his work as a student of Slydini's was apparent from the beginning. While the magic that he shared was incredibly strong, the subtext throughout the night was a cornucopia of wisdom that Slydini had personally shared with Wisch...and Bill in turn shared with us. He opened with his "Killer Set" of four effects: his Any Card At Any Number, a version of the Helicopter Card, a series of coin manipulations, and his X-Box effect with a signed card found folded in the deck inside the box. This was an amazing series of effects! Bill shared Tony's thoughts on misdirection this way: "If you believe it, they [the audience] will believe it." Bill added to this with his own wisdom, "Misdirection is true when they believe what you do, and follow you."


Many of us were anxiously anticipating the chance to see Bill do his multiphase version of Slydini Knots...and he was amazing. In the '90s just before his death, Slydini had told him, "Out of all the students who do the Knots, you do it best." He is relaxed, non-confrontational, and elicits gasps and laughs as the silks just seemingly melt apart. Bill's performance can be seen on his YouTube channel.

Bill concluded his two-hour lecture with an amazing card trick and an invisible die, his version of Paper Balls to Box (both seated and standing), and a series of effects that can be done with his "Wisch Craft Wonder Deck" that included the Princess Card effect and a jaw-dropping three-card monte effect appropriately named "Double Take Monte." The entire evening seemed to fly by, and the moves and subtleties that Bill taught during the effects were as good — if not better — than the tricks themselves. His Flim Flam move that he used in his opening effect was worth the price of admission, and garnered its own applause from an appreciative group of magicians.


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