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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

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April 2018 Ring Report

The theme for April was "April Showers..." and the wet day didn't stop thirteen members and two potential members from getting together. Business was brief, but we were happy to announce the grand opening of Jessica Janes' show in Gatlinburg on April 28 at the Sweet Fanny Adams theater. On the sadder side, we learned that Eric Smerdon and his family will be leaving the area and heading to Utah the first week of June. We have ups and downs, but now on with almost two hours of magic!

Michael Priestap opened with a fitting tribute to "Harry the Hat" Anderson doing two of his "betchas" from his book Games You Can't Lose; Michael passed the book around that had been signed to him as well. Bill Osburn did his unique version of a Jay Sankey effect where a note is placed into a bottle, comes out and goes back in...and the card written on the note matched a prediction on the table. John Hopper showed the capacity of his Square Circle with silks, foam wieners, and a quart of water being produced.

Barry Mitchell did his "Moo Masher" effect causing a glass of milk to shrink to condensed milk and then to pieces of chocolate that were given to Chance Shapiro who was a first-time guest. To end our wet performances, Bev Coffey turned some red wine into a red silk handkerchief. Tom Vorjohan presented and had good discussion about Nick Trost's Sympathetic Cards...an ungimmicked version of Sympathetic 10 without any special cards or switches.


Continuing with some works-in-progress discussion, Tim Pressley discussed a reading show he's putting together with a Dr. Seuss theme. He had the makings of a very special pom-pom stick with Seuss-like balls, a pointer that always moved in the direction it pointed and a beautifully made wilting flower inspired by Warren Stephens. Bill Osburn got up to discuss the workings of his note in the bottle and how Williamson's Strike Vanish was to be used.

Our "Move of the Month" was to show and discuss the Double Lift. Michael Messing started things off, and he was joined by Barry Mitchell, Tom Vorjohan, Jack Wilson, and Eric Smerdon who did Daily's Last Trick which relies on that move...twice. Tom Vorjohan followed with a teach-a-trick effect again from Nick Trost where four predictions are made and then the four selections by the audience match. As we headed down the stretch, the wise Harold Whipps brought a bottle of Chamberlain Golden Touch for Hands, which we had been discussing at last month's meeting. He also told the story of Nick Trost giving him a Twisting the Aces effect that he carried with him all the time. It was a fun night of magic and fellowship.


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