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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Tom Vorjohan
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June Ring Report

There is no better way to start a meeting than when Don Cox is in town and his wife has mandated that he “clean out that magic” from the house! Don brought six big boxes of lecture notes, tricks, books, and more that we perused and he gave away for free. Thanks Don (and more importantly, THANKS Judy!). The business included some ideas about the next year’s Winter Carnival, and that the Ring will be very strongly represented at the I.B.M./SAM combined convention with Daniel Herron, Mike Stratman, Michael Messing, Tom Vorjohan, Shank Kothare, Ed Ripley, and Jack Wilson all attending.

The magic theme for our performances was “Worldly Magic” – something from or about a country outside of the United States. Of the fourteen members and one guest present, we enjoyed performances by eight of them. Roger Reeves kicked things off with a discussion and tutorial on the handling of Rose to Silk. He showed how to wrap it, and gave some tips on using actual silk petals. Derek Granfield was impersonating an Englishman (he is one...so it was great impression!) as he performed the No Tear Newspaper with some great jokes and one-liners.


Don Cox took red, white and blue poker chips from three envelopes, and with the help of our guest, Pam Arnold, the outcome was a patriotic mix of red, white and blue from each of the envelopes. Mike Stratman showed two effects he just learned from the latest issue of the “Magic Circular” which included “A Common Word” on the dry-erase board and a spiral notebook prediction effect. Our newest member, Curtis Stabler, had a card chosen and he tore off the corner which vanished and was found stuck to the window. “Magic Bill” Osburn did an effect by Slydini that he learned from Reel Magic called Mixed where a selected card was lost in a scrambled deck on the table and then rose to the top of the heap.

Our president, Jack Wilson, was not ready to show us a trick from his trip to Italy, but did a version of the Flying Cards where two thought of cards from one pile vanished and reappeared in a different pile of cards. To end the performances, Tom Vorjohan showed a book of sign language – although he had learned some of the words and phrases, he opted not to demonstrate any. Why? Well, the name of the book was “Super Smutty Sign Language.” Tom then did a twist on the Mismade Flag where the blue and white silks produced a string of flags of Israel. A fun evening for all who could attend.

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