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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Tom Vorjohan
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March 2017 Ring Report

The Winter Carnival was March 9-11, and it was a raving success featuring our International President, Oscar Munoz, and a dozen others including Jeff McBride, Nick Diffatte, Diamond Jim Tyler, Jason Michaels, Paul Vigil, Scott Robinson, Michael Dardant, Paul Richards, Rob Zabrecky and the direction of Mike Woodward. Ring 58 members come together and make this convention a premier regional convention in magic!

The business part of the meeting discussed a slight price increase for the 2018 Winter Carnival and then we took nominations for our new officers. This included John Hopper for President, Jack Wilson for Vice President, Tom Vorjohan for Secretary, Mike Stratman for Treasurer, Bill Sturgis for Sgt at Arms, Michael Priestap for Program Chairman, and we will have to vote on just four for our Board of Directors from the six nominees: Michael Messing, Kyle Copeland, Harold Whipps, Roger Reeves, Bev Coffey, and Bill Osburn.

Now down to some magic! The theme was to show off our new things we bought or learned at the convention. We were excited to have Jason Rieger's daughter, Samantha, start us off with an outstanding presentation of the Cups & Balls. We are looking forward to her joining the Ring in a few months when she turns seven! Tom Vorjohan showed a few things including a Color Changing Rabbit (think Hip-Hop, but with only one!) that he got from Mark Comley, the enchanting "Toroflux" that he got from SWC Magic, the very clean version of "Oscar" that he got from Paul Richards called Monikur, and the steampunk Wand Maker that he got from Tom Yurasits. Michael Priestap did a Bill Pryor effect with a rabbit appearing in a top hat on some custom playing cards.


John Hopper showed some interesting information about the clear lock and picks and then he showed the Bamboozler books that he got from Diamond Jim Tyler. Jason Rieger performed the effect that Michael Dardant did in his lecture called "Three," but Jason did it with four. As we moved into our Show and Tell segment, Bev Coffey did a series of effects with a collapsible bucket, lots of oranges, lots of stars, and lots of sponge balls. He ended with the production of flowers. Tom Vorjohan had to show off the album cover he found framed in an antique store in Chattanooga: The Lovin' Spoonful "Do You Believe in Magic." This led to some great information from Harold Whipps about what that was a spoon full of!

As we neared the end, Jack Wilson did a work-in-progress as he showed a pen floating and had a new PK Ring to help. Tom Vorjohan also did a couple card effects that he learned from Stephen Bargatze while they were watching basketball a couple weeks ago, and Bill Osburn showed a couple puzzles he got from Diamond Jim plus a bright wand light that Tom Ladshaw had for sale. We only had eleven members and three guests, but we had a lot of magic to share!


Program Chairman
WCM Chairman
Webmaster Jason Rieger

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