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Proud host of The Winter Carnival of Magic

Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
For additional information, please contact:
Tom Vorjohan
Phone: (865) 254-9254
Email: tomvorjohan@gmail.com

October Ring Report

Magic goes hand-in-hand with October, and we had 13 members and eight guests at the meeting the week before Halloween. We had updates about Don Cox who is recovering from having part of his colon removed, and both Bev Coffey and Carrol Vincent had knee replacement surgeries. Then we had two initiation performances. Our youngest new member is Luke McCluskey who did three different card effects with a lot of personality. Besides the fact that we thought he lied about his age (because he was too good, and he fooled several of us with his “Impress the Gentlemen”) we welcomed him to the Ring. We also are happy to be the first Ring that 43-year I.B.M. member Phil Houghton has decided to join. Phil did a variety of effects including a great sponge ball (frog eggs) routine, a trick with nine random cards from a deck, and seven cards with drinks on them. Again, Phil was unanimously approved and welcomed to the Ring.

The theme for the evening was “Spooky! Spooky! Spooky!” and we started with a 20-minute presentation by Dawson Parker and his performing partner, Kip, who work as “Klub Magik.” Kip is an excellent juggler and worked with three clubs while on a unicycle, worked up to five balls, and then did 4, 5, and 6 ring juggling. Dawson followed with a chosen and signed card being folded, put in a blender and drank by Dawson. Then Kip went behind him and jabbed his arm through Dawson’s abdomen, and from the “organ” removed (a heart), the spectator found the signed card.


To follow that, Bill Sturgis did a “S-P-E-L-L” trick where the chosen card found the witch. Jack Wilson reviewed Daniel Herron’s recently published “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” book; Jack also did an effect with two spooky knots that magically came undone.

Michael Messing showed a version of Glorpy with a custom made pocket square that allowed the ghost to be solid and touched. Tom Vorjohan had Ben Young assist him with a David Regal effect where the top ten surgeries ended up matching a prediction and then an 8” scar showed up matching on Ben’s abdomen. Jason Murphy gave a little on how Howard Thurston is mentioned in Dale Carnegie’s book; then Jason pulled a vanished coin from a prosthetic ear…spooky! To conclude our performances, Michael Priestap did a prediction effect with a spectator and five random objects and also an effect to music that appeared to have him removing his eyeballs and put them in his mouth. We had lots of magic and lots of spooky fun this evening!


Jack Wilson
Michael Messing
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Jack Wilson
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