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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Aug/Sep 2020 Ring Report

As the kids head back to school even with the Covid-19 still abundantly newsworthy, the August meeting had just eleven stalwarts of the Ring attending. We are fearful about the 2021 Winter Carnival of Magic, but remain hopeful that we will pull it off with a healthy economy and physically healthy society. Both the hotel and the theater are willing to work with us so we can delay a decision. And on with the magic for our virtual meeting.

Mike Stratman walked us through the rough draft of his article that he is submitting to The Linking Ring about his one night as a Full-Time Pro many years ago back up in Decatur, Illinois when he coordinated an excellent show with one of the Mandrell sisters. Jack Wilson told us about his pending removal of his gall bladder (not magic at all!) then took us "Back to School" showing & teaching "Red & Black Speller" from Genii that month. Mike then taught a trick where the only coin with an "X" on it was the one chosen. Evan Bishop talked about John Bannon's "Mentalissmo" book and demonstrated the peek and shuffle he learned.

Tom Vorjohan had just seen Chris Capehart's lecture, and he showed the card effect .and his "Book of Facts." Tom also had taken the time to learn a new Card to Wallet effect. John Hopper fooled us with an effect where a number was thought of...and we learned the power of multiple outs. Tim Pressley had a Zero Dollar Bill that had several of us drooling. Ray Adams was with us this month and showed his new 2nd floor workshop at his home — very nice! Michael Priestap spelled to a chosen card and taught how to do it by counting. To end the meeting, Evan showed a corporate video from his "day job" at Tate & Lyle where he was featured with his "five seconds" of magic!

September came upon us fast, and we invited some friends of the Ring (past WCM performers and I.B.M. officers) to join us...so we had thirteen members and another eleven guests attending. We welcomed Joe Dobson, Joe Turner, Michael Trixx and his wife Ashley, Chuck Arkin, Mike Woodward, Jay Mattioli, Rolando Santos, newly engaged Steven Levine, Lance Rich, and Oscar Munoz! Thank you for your support. John Hopper told the group about a $2.99 kit that was being sold at Ollie's with some good stuff included. Michael Trixx wowed us with a whole routine that was perfect for Zoom including a rose petal, an egg, a bandana, to a rabbit puppet...you should have seen it! Steven Levine told the great story about his first date at the Castle with this lovely lady that he just asked to marry him. Jay Mattioli talked about his upcoming show this weekend and then did a helicopter appearance!


Bill Osburn talked about his "Alexander The Man Who Knows" poster project, and I believe he found two additional buyers! Bill Sturgis performed the classic of Halloween magic: the Mismade Skeleton. Chuck Arkin showed a couple great effects for Zoom; first, a Chop Cup and then a Phantom Tube...then a Ball Vase for an encore! Daniel Herron blew us away with the recently released "Gypsy Tape" where ten pieces magically became one long piece at his fingertips. Tim Pressley did the "World's Most Dangerous Trick with a Spoon" and then a little chemical bloody magic he learned from Trevor Duffy. Mike Woodward took us on a tour of his magic room and then performed his P&L Coin Ladder. Tom Vorjohan told a couple stories and then showed his progress on Daryl's Rope Routine.

Steve Levine did an effect he got at the SAM Vegas convention in January with the five desires matching. Mike Stratman took the Covid peace and quiet as a time to read Eddie Field's story "A Life Among Secrets" and highly recommended it. This got Oscar Munoz to talk about two of his recent reads: the War Magician and then The Book of Truths by Albert Schwetizer that he said had some great stories that magicians could use. To end the evening, our Program Chairman gave away two $10 gift cards to Vanishing Inc. by drawing names...and Mike Woodward and Chuck Arkin were our winners! What a great couple months of magic!


Program Chairman
Tim Pressley
WCM Chairman
Mystic Minutes Editor Michael Messing
Webmaster Jack Wilson

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