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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Tom Vorjohan
Phone: (865) 254-9254
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April 2021 Ring Report

At our April meeting we announced our new slate of unanimously approved officers: President – Tim Pressley, Vice-President – John Hopper, Treasurer – Jack Wilson, Secretary – Tom Vorjohan, Program Chairman – Victor Agreda Jr., Sgt-at-Arms – Bill Sturgis, and the four-member Board of Directors will be Mike Stratman, Evan Bishop, Michael Messing, and Ed Ripley. However, Evan dropped a big surprise on us during the meeting: he has accepted a new engineering/management position and will be moving in early May.

Other business discussed included that we will be going back to in-person meetings starting in May, and the 2022 Winter Carnival will be March 10-12, but the Ramada will not be our main hotel; we have since talked to member Tony Wilhelm, and the Red Roof Inn is giving up a special $69 rate and an incredible breakfast next door is included.

Tonight's theme was "Message Magic," which is anything with a story or purpose. We had John Lovick – better known as Handsome Jack – joining us from Las Vegas, and he kicked things off enumerating the three types of "Message Magic:" (1) Gospel Magic – "which is bad magic paired with questionable theology," (2) Product Placement or Corporate Sponsorship "like at a tradeshow," and (3) "a rope trick." John has such a deadpan comic delivery, he is hysterical two days later. He did Tenyo's "Four Nightmares DX" and ended with a great message: "Kids, don't do drugs." Later, we had a cameo appearance by Mac King who was just getting to John's place.


Our other guest of honor was past I.B.M. Intl. President, Joe Turner. Joe uses magic to illustrate his talks, and when he did the tile puzzle board with a story...it was fantastic! He also taught a trick that was similar to Baby Hummer, except he had each of us use eight cards. He sent us all the PDF explanation. Thank you Joe! Tom Vorjohan did Collectors Workshop's Burmese Bells with the story he uses in schools about working together. Michael Priestap told about giving part of the hospital's orientation about "Talking Trash" and how he wrapped in Professor's Nightmare to show equal importance of all. He also did a card trick "Face Off" where both Priestap and the cards vanished on his green screen.

Bill Osburn showed a fun story about a great blackjack hand where the Queen and Ace switch places. Evan Bishop (the deserter!) talked about Barry Richardson's "Act 2" book having a chapter on message magic. Tim Pressley was excited to announce that he is now a licensed teacher for "Discover Magic" and showed a lot of the great quality materials. We hope the Ring will see some new youth members in the near future! Bill Sturgis showed a Crystal Cylinder that he used to recycle an aluminum can (his grandfather did this in his recycle show). Jack Wilson talked about the swinging pendulum and how it has recently been used when ladies are pregnant as a "sex detector" of the child. Michael Messing discussed how Barry Mitchell's material are all great story magic. He also talked about his first show that his father arranged for him. That got us all talking about our first shows, and that lead to talking about some horrible failures or embarrassing moments (like Evan's, "Now that's a lucky book!") and we chatted until about 10:00 PM. There are some advantages to these virtual meetings.


Tim Pressley
Program Chairman
Victor Agreda, Jr.
WCM Chairman
Tim Pressley
Mystic Minutes Editor Michael Messing
Webmaster Jack Wilson

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