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Name: Pan Walker
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Favorite Magic Trick: my impromptu card opener, my World-Record-Breaking Memorize-A-Deck-By-Listening-To-Its-Story trick, and my Matchic Wand trick
Favorite Magic Book: Card College series, Mysterious Stranger, Mnemonica
Prop Preference: Cards

Awards / Accomplishments
Spent 6 months performing magic every weekend behind a table at the World Grotto in the Old City; performed on Live at Five (WBIR - TV).

How Did you first become interested in Magic?
How Did you first become interested in Magic?
I was interested as a child, learning basic stacks and the key card concept. Bought a trick deck for a Halloween in the late 90's where I was dressed as a magician, and thought it was too easy. Then while searching for the hidden treasure via cryptic clues in David Blaine's book Mysterious Stranger, I realized that anyone could do what he did with a little bit of luck and a lot of practice. I then set about to do three things: (1) memorize a randomly shuffled deck, (2) join the local IBM ring, and (3) perform as much magic as possible over the next Halloween weekend. By November 2005, all three goals had been reached, and I had performed over 500 tricks to over 250 people that Halloween weekend, when I hadn't really done ANY public magic performance six months prior...

I spent many years on stage and on camera by studying theater and film at UT (1995-1999) prior to getting seriously into magic. I believe that what the theater teaches any actor or director is invaluable to a performing magician, especially in terms of improv.

I've worked with computers since before the first PC hit the market (I was a child helping my father with his mainframe!), I can usually solve a Rubik's cube in 2 minutes or less (3 minutes if blindfolded!), I spend a lot of time nowadays creating GIANT BUBBLES (30 FEET LONG!) in addition to performing magic, I'm slowly studying mentalism and NLP, I'm a burnt-out environmental activist, and my main job is a computer programmer / web developer / database admin / tech support / jack of all computer trades.